Male Pattern Baldness, Female Hair Loss, Thinning Hair



Male Pattern Baldness, Female Hair Loss, Thinning Hair
Treatment, Prevention, and Remedy

     Ladies and Gentlemen the truth of the matter is everybody experiences hair loss on a daily basis. No one is immune. The problem though is when the hair thins to the degree the scalp becomes fully visible. At that point you are experiencing what is commonly referred to as female and male pattern baldness. Why is this occurring ? In simplified terms your hair loss rate is exceeding your hair replacement rate. To reverse the process you want to slow the hair loss rate or equalize it to the replacement rate. When the rates are equal you have a full head of hair, similar to what most people had in their late teens.

    At we don't disagree with genetic theories about DHT (dihydrotestosterone) being the culprit behind female hair loss and male pattern baldness. We just believe the final outcome is alterable. The mere presence of hair growth treatments like Propecia and minoxidil show genetically balding heads do grow hair. Plus there are dozens of other drugs and ingredients not intended for thin hair that cause excess hair growth, commonly known as hirsutism. The thing most people need to realize though is we are constantly altering what genetics spring upon us.

    So what's the secret to preventing thinning hair and the impending female alopecia and male baldness that may accompany it ?

    Fundamentally you need an understanding of hair loss prevention and treatments or remedies that enhance hair growth. What leading experts often fail to mention however is there is an internal and external component to DHT production that causes alopecia. In other words external enzymes produced on the scalp must unite with internally produced components in the body to produce this DHT, which is responsible for your thin hair. And vice versa. So in effect by blocking one or both of the channels for DHT production you can in effect deter the resultant loss of hair and create hair growth.

    Plus one seldom mentioned fact is that these enzymes produced on the scalp are the result of the synthesis of sunlight upon the skin. So as you might have guessed, many male hair loss and female pattern baldness treatments attempt to reduce this enzymatic activity taking place on your scalp. By minimizing this dihydrotestosterone production with various ingredients or blockers the life cycle of the hair follicle can be substantially increased.

Sounds good, but what hair treatment or remedy can be used to stop my hair loss and create regrowth?

    Basically you can use one of the following four methods or a combination of them.

  1. Topically applied agents to block or decrease the production of DHT.

  2. Topically applied ingredients that irritate the hair follicle into further production.

  3. Internally consumed agents and ingredients that block the production of DHT and thereby increase hair growth.

  4. Internally consumed and externally applied agents that block the immune responses of the body. This in turn curtails thinning hair and promotes regrowth in the hair follicle.

    So how does fit into this equation ?

    At we wanted to lay to rest the misconception that you have to spend a fortune to combat male pattern baldness, female alopecia, and thinning hair because you really don't have to. We've found there are literally dozens of low cost and seldom publicized ingredients that can substantially halt the cause of your hair loss and in many cases promote hair regrowth. They're not miracle products but they are some of the cheapest solutions to be found for battling your thinning hair. In most cases you should easily be able to substitute many of these ingredients into your daily hair care regime without any substantial increase in cost to you. Without a doubt we feel that is what many people desire. So to find out more just click on some of the links below. 




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